FUN and MOBILE Sp z.o.o


  • LeoBurnett

    Cooperation with one of the biggest advertising agencies in the world began in 2010, and since then generated dozens of software projects. As an off-shore development house we create numerous mobile, web and desktop applications on iPhone, iPad, .NET and Flash. The applications are developed for LeoBurnett’s clients in the various corners of the world, such as: Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Canada, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, Argentina and more. We specialise in the development of cross-platform applications, combining various technologies.

  • Hyundai

    We have developed an iPad application which is a sales tool for Hyundai car dealers. The application has a car configurator, a photo gallery, an auto loan calculator and a catalogue of Hyundai i40. Moreover it is possible to compare all the details of any Hyundai car with competitor’s car and see how they compare on price, performance, dimensions, engine, petrol type, additional features, etc.

  • Authenticate It

    For our Australian client we have developed a smartphone application – AuthenticateIT. AuthenticateIT is a mobile application that gives customers a quick way to scan an item’s authenticity before making a purchase and gives brands a tool to track counterfeit attempts and prevent unauthorised imports and transactions from occurring. The application was created for the following platforms: iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

  • Knorr Mobile Cookbook

    We have created the first mobile cookbook in Poland and probably the first one in the world. The application provides photos and recipes for various dishes prepared by Pascal Brodnicki and it was developed in J2ME technology. We were invited to present this case study at a couple of marketing conferences throughout Europe.

  • Isobar Mobile (formerly BeMarvellous)

    As an off-shore development house we have created several mobile applications for Isobar’s clients, such as: Santander Bank, The Guardian, Nestle UK, Diageo, Timberland and Budweiser. The applications were developed in the following technologies: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian.

  • Wiadomości

    Onet’s flagship mobile application – Wiadomości – came from our development studio. It is a news reader with a currency calculator, stock exchange indices, live sport reporting, and it includes mobile advertising.

  • Sony Ericsson

    We have created websites for blogging and contests as a part of the promotion of Sony Ericsson mobile devices: C510, Satio, Aino and Yari. Users were able to blog, make connections, win prizes and print out their photos taken with Sony Ericsson phones.