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iPhone Development

Before iPhone smartphones were used almost exclusively by businessmen and technology enthusiasts. Earlier smartphones had a lot of features but with those features inevitably came complexity. iPhone was the first smartphone to combine a unique smartphone feature set with an unprecedented ease of use thus starting the smartphone revolution and making smartphones attractive and accessible for all kinds of users.

The level of polish the iPhone exhibits is still very high among smartphone platforms and no other platform has an application store of matching size – no wonder the iPhone is the favorite platform of applications’ and games’ creators.

We have experience creating both iPhone games and advanced applications using the iOS SDK (formerly iPhone SDK), leveraging the unique capabilities of the platform such as touch controls, push capabilities, geolocation, camera (augemented reality features), Bluetooth connectivity and accelerometers.

Our applications integrate seamlessly with existing web services and can be a way of bringing the content displayed on the web to the iPhone users.

Additionally, we have the expertise and test devices needed to optimise applications and games for use on the iPad.