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iPad Development

The iPad is the first tablet computer that people want to own thanks to its user-friendly operating system, handy form factor and excellent battery life.

The iPad’s popularity makes it a viable choice for publishers of content that used to be only available in printed form – there are even newspapers that are only available on the iPad. It’s becoming obvious that tablet computing is going to become an increasingly popular form of consuming articles and books but also multimedia content.

We can help make your content available as an iPad application as well and if it’s already on the web we can integrate with existing solutions.

The iPad is also gaining traction as a device used by businesses for promotional purposes and to replace paper surveys as a tool of data collection – it is both more attractive for customers asked to fill the survey and can transfer the data directly to the company servers as it’s being entered.

With our experience developing iPad applications for worldwide clients we can both create solutions leveraging the iPad’s unique capabilites and port existing iPhone applications to take advantage of the iPad’s bigger screen.

To make your tablet applications available for more users, we can help porting them to Android which powers a variety of tablets competing with the iPad.